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Additional Information: Adoption has recently caught the attention of people across the globe. While earlier thousands of children were homeless, today many adoption agencies spread uniformly in the world ensure that no child is left stranded. Considering that every child has equal rights and is entitled to exercise the fundamental rights of food, clothing, shelter and […]

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Additional Information: One of the most important parts of being a parent is to be a parent. This bond created between parents and children is an important part of a child's development in which, according to many parenting Philippines experts, can have dire consequences if not done properly and accordingly. This philosophy is called Attached Parenting […]

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Additional Information: This is the most common question that most parents think and ask themselves! Planning for a second baby is often the most difficult question, even more difficult and thought provoking than the first one. There are a series of questions that needs to be answered. It is the inclusion of a new member in […]

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Additional Information: Today Richa has turned 5, but still looks as restless as she was in her toddler years. I woke up around 5 O'clock in the morning today to do the arrangements for her birthday, but again Rajiv raised another issue. He always blames me for Richa's condition. It was after 1.5 years of her […]

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