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With a rough economy still in place, not many people have the luxury of staying at home to raise a family. It's always a difficult decision for parents to leave their children with babysitters and nannies while they go off to work. It's even harder when you have a newborn and you want to be there for every moment of that child's life. But hiring a nanny agency doesn't mean you're missing out. You've made the financially sound choice for your family.

New parents will probably feel less inclined to hire a nanny; it is their first child after all. But it won't be long before you realize just how expensive having a child is. If both parents aren't working, you might find yourself struggling to make monthly payments. Although a nanny will be an extra bill, it will balance out when mom decides to go back to work full-time. Maybe mom won't need to go back to work full-time though. If the family can still live comfortably, mom should naturally spend as much time as she can with her children. Nanny agencies can provide nannies and babysitters that can work all sorts of schedules, from live-in to part-time to nannies that specialize in newborn care. Whatever your hours and the baby's needs, there is a solution.

Hiring a nanny will probably be the most crucial in the beginning. As the child ages, he will be spending most of his time in school and a nanny won't be needed nearly as much. Babies need round the clock care. A live-in nanny might be a good option for some, especially if your baby doesn't sleep well throughout the night. Being constantly woken up every single night will be difficult when you know you have work in the morning. New parents might also be a bit shocked when they experience just how much work it is to raise a baby and how very tiring it is. There is nothing wrong with asking for a bit of help. A nanny can easily be an extra pair of hands and hopefully she'll give you back a bit of peace and quiet.

It's important to devote as much time as you can to your children, especially in the beginning but for some, help is needed to ensure that you can provide for your family. Look for recommendations about nanny agencies in your area and receive the help you deserve to maintain a happy family.

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