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A mother's relationship with her child will be reflected in the child's deeds including child behavior issues, so, a mother should act as an ideal personality for her child;

Be there for the Child; In the primary years of babyhood the child wants the mother more. It is very imperative for the Green Mother to spend quality time with the kid. It is good to be a friend to your kid but remember that finally you are their parent and it is your duty to provide them honorable and ethical direction. A good mother is sympathetic and kind, but rigid in discipline. It is usually seen that the mothers are generally protective about the kids. It is indispensable not to be domineering to enable the kid to develop as an individual and learn from practices.

Show interest in your child's interests; If your child likes music buy him a guitar and observe him play. Ask queries, such as what is your beloved song, what is your preferred kind of music, etc. If your offspring is concerned in fashion, take her out for a shopping fling. Ask her what her beloved thing about style is. Don't be anxious to ask just don't be aggressive. Institute and set rules; If you don't control your child's behavior when he is youthful, he will have difficult time learning how to control him when he is grown-up and you aren't around. Any time during the day or night, you should always be competent to answer these three queries: Where is my kid? What is my baby doing? Who is with my kid? The regulations your kid has learned from you are going to form the rules he imposes to himself.

Responsibility; It is said that maternity is a full time job. If you have nurtured the child to the world then also be prepared to acknowledge the responsibilities that comes along with maternity. The sensation that a mother didn't care for her/him can upset a child. A Green Mother makes certain that the necessities of the child are met. She also offers the child with support and symbols of love. She keeps in mind the special days of the child such as birthdays and achievements and makes him special by giving presents and celebrating. Do not be very rigid about wealth.

Though gusting money isn't the ideal thing to do, do not say no to all the things your child asks for. A lot of times a mother has to sacrifice a great deal for the benefit of the child. Lots of times she sacrifices her time, her pleasures, her sleep, etc to make sure that the child is all right. So, a mother should always keep in mind that a mother is one who always acts as a role model for her children. She should love and care for her children as well as she should have control on their behavior. She should be really a Green Mother who brings up her children strong.

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