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There was a time when we hardly used to see cell phones in anybody's hands. Now, the time has come that even children of twelve year of age also have their own cell phones. While fulfilling this demand of children do parents think that what can be the consequences of it? Perhaps, they don't and that is the reason why they give mobile phone to their children without even giving a second thought. Many of them regret after they realize that giving cell phones to the children is not a wise idea.

Human beings have the tendency to focus mostly the outer part of any matter. They hardly find out facts from anything to judge whether what they are doing is right or wrong. Well, parents there are lots of things in the world which you can gift to your child apart from mobile phones. Your children may demand for it but it is your duty only to make them understand. Now, as a reader you must be wondering why parents should stop themselves from giving anything to their children that they want.

Here are some facts of a research study which was conducted by some researchers that unveil the reasons why children should avoid cell phones. Children and teenagers have many times more chances to get brain cancer if they use mobile phones. Professor Lennart Hardell of the University Hospital in Orebro, Sweden headed an analysis in which it has been found out that radiation is one of the reasons of cancer. He also found out that children and teenagers are more likely to get five-fold increase in 'glioma', a cancer in the glial cells that support the central nervous system. A research conducted in Europe came out with the result that use of cell phones by children may damage their DNA.

Apart from everything else, cell phones also affect the academics of the children. When children bring mobile phones in schools, they tend to ignore what the teachers are teaching. For some children who have cell phones, it is a status symbol as well as style statement for them. They also keep on changing their phones according to the style. Many children are found to be engaged with their cell phones for the entire day, doing something or the other with it.

Children are far more delicate than adults. As a result, they get affected with anything very easily than adults. Since their brain is highly sensitive to resist the effects of radiation of mobile phones. The tissues in the brain of children keep on developing; the radiations cause damage to the cells easily. Children do not know many things and hence, they can't be blamed.

It is their parents who should be blamed for this. Parents should not give anything to their children that they demand for. They rather should make their children understand the pros and cons of their demands. Before everything, parents themselves should understand the negative aspects of mobile phones because it does not only affect the health of the children but also affect their morality.

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