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As you know, almost every child likes toys very much because one piece of good toy can play the role of enlightening education, develop intelligence and increase their knowledge. In other words, toys not only develop their thinking ability, but also stimulate their pleasure. Nowadays, there are all kinds of toys can be found at toys shopping mall, for example, RC helicopter or airplane model that can be flew in sky and RC cars or bus toys that can be run on the ground. They are colorful and have many ways to be played, which develop their creative power. What's more, some advanced technologies such as sound, light, electricity are used in the manufacture process that increases more intelligence.

With appearance of too many new toys, toys with loud noisy are harmful to infants and kids' hearing function. One research report from Swedish research institutions showed that although the sensitivity to sound for infants, young children could not be accurately measured today, there was evidence that children were more sensitive to sound than adults. If kids' toys made too loud noise during the playing process, it would result in disastrous consequences for them. The volume of some toys such as guns, artillery, tanks and other toys would reach more than 80 dB in the range of 10cm. Do you know the harm for kids when sound is up to 80 dB? At firstly, kids would feel uncomfortable, and then they would suffer from headache, dizziness, tinnitus, emotional stress, memory loss and other symptoms. For healthy growth, infants and young children need a quiet and comfortable environment. Otherwise they would become more excited, lack of tolerance and sleep, bad attention and other serious symptoms.

Somebody has tested the level of noise of several types of children's toys such as manned electric toy cars, spring toys and inertial toys. The final result surprised us.

  • The noise made by vehicle toys is 82 to 100 decibels in distance of 10 cm.
  • The noise made by large scale music gun is 74 to 107 decibels in distance of 100 cm. What's more, it can reach up to 130 to 140 decibels at maximum.
  • The noise made by air compression toys is 78 to 108 decibels in distance of 10 cm.
  • The average noise made by firecracker is 125 to 156 decibels in distance of 3 meters less.

All in all, such research give young parents the caution that when buying toys for kids, parents should be pay more attention on kids' physical and mental development. The sound made by toys should be controlled below 70 decibels.

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