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Parenthood it is never easy and there are no set norms for it, every parent learns it from their own experience and experience comes from mistakes. There can surely be nothing called perfect upbringing and no term such as bad upbringing exists. But certainly there are a lot of tips and things which one can follow while raising a kid so that the child becomes smart and witty but not cunning, so that the baby becomes naughty and not nasty.

The best gift you can give your child is a self confidence so that whether you are or not s/he has someone to pat his back always. That person would be none other than, their own selves. Confidence brings with it a strange style of tranquillity and positivity which make your children shine through out, whether it is a new school, making friends, taking part in an activity or telling or sharing thing, it helps in it all, over all development indeed! If seeds of confidence sown rightly in ones childhood, the effects show smoothly throughout the life, leading to a healthier old age.

To raise a confident kid is important, accepted universally, but how to do that? There are two ways lined up for you to make your child grow right amount of confidence to lead a quality and not arrogant life!

Achieve and attain

The best kind of confidence is attained not by someone's else shouting for you but a voice right inside saying, “yes I can and yes I will” Such self esteem is attained when the child has a trust on his own self and that is attained by doing, accomplishing and achieving their own self set goals. Id parents are always available to do things for them. They never will do, never will learn and become meek instead. So let the child do it on their own also, boost him from the first step hi takes, tell him that he did it almost their and he can. When he will, that surely he will one day, he will feel confident as the best confidence comes by doing what one could not earlier! Thus step by step and difficulty by difficulty let him do, help him and let him grow!

Back up

All what a kid wants is a back up support. He can do wonders. Teach a bully and what not only if he knows that you are always with him. Do not just say it but act on it. establish an honest enough relation, make the child realise that if s/e shares the truth you will support him ,get him out and throughout all this do not for get to teach as well, but in a polite and gentle way. So that he does not take any wrong advantage.

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