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There was a time when I used to go to the office late on a daily basis. I was fired three times due to this kind of schedule. Usually I had an incomplete sleep at night which affected my next day work. I didn't realize the cause of my problem why I was unable to sleep well at night. This type of situation triggered anxiety in me and after a few months it turns into stress which created a more horrible situation for me. This condition even started affecting my personal life almost making me socially isolated.

I was using the same mattress for seven years on my bed which had lost its firmness 3 years ago. But I was still using it to just get rid of the night's sleep without realizing the after effects of the uncomfortable sleep. Days and nights had passed I was getting more confused about my stress and its effects on my health. I was thinking that might be I am suffering from an underlying disease such as cancer or other deadly diseases as my blood reports for CBC, Hepatitis and LFT were normal. Physicians initially took my case seriously but when they saw my blood reports, I was suggested to have rest or go on a vacation for some days.


According to doctor's advice I had spent a week on vacation which really gave me so much relief but when I came back same problem begin to come over again within a week. I was hopeless because I had started feeling that maybe there is some kind of problem with me psychologically. Meanwhile, a friend of mine came to meet me at home. He was surprised to see me in a depressed situation. Finally, I decided to tell him my problem. He asked me why you are stressed. I said “I don't know” then he started investigating my bedroom and found that my mattress had sunk a lot and was quite uncomfortable for a good night sleep.

My friend suggested me to buy some nice bedding accessories to make my bedroom extra comfortable so that whenever I lay down on my bed sweat dreams should come over soon. The next day I searched online for some quilts & textile companies. I liked a memory foam mattress with an affordable price tag. The mattress was delivered to my home shortly and I threw the old one out of my house. The new mattress was quite comfortable and at that night I slept well without any back pain.

My friend bought me a Hungarian goose down duvet which was a wonderful gift for me. Its warmth and pressing according to the body size is the best thing about it. It is a popular product in the quilts and textile market. The change in my bed finally gave me a good night sleep and after a month I had recovered from the sleep deprivation issue. I have recently purchased two memory foam pillows to increase the comfort level of my bed.

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