Being A Better Parent

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So your parent is not being able to take care of themselves and need assistance in their daily activities? Taking care of aged parents is not as easy as it may seem. It involves having the right knowledge, ability, with the right planning. When planned correctly, it can be a rewarding and satisfying experience. Here are some tips to help you in your noble task:

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  • Make sure your mom dad's room is clean and hygienic. Add fresh and cheerful colours to the walls, like soft green or yellow. Add adequate lighting and a sitting area, preferably near the window, besides the bed. The TV should have a remote control. A bedroom in the ground floor near the bathroom is often ideal for aged people.
  • Install non- skid strips or pads in the bathroom, especially in the shower, bathtub and the front area of the bathroom, to prevent falls and accidents. If the bathroom has linoleum flooring, it's important to tuck or fasten the rugs to the floor with fasteners or tacks. Also install grab bards around the toilet, shower and bathtub to provide extra support.
  • Provide a telephone or call monitor in the bedroom, near the bed, so that your mom and dad can call for help when needed as soon as possible. Give them a cell phone and add emergency numbers. Advice them to keep the phone in their pocket, especially if you are away from home. If you are away, call often to check out that everything's OK. Keep a list of emergency numbers of doctors, hospitals, and ambulances so that you don't have to hunt for numbers in case of emergency. You should also keep yourself updated about the medical condition about your parents.
  • Install night lamps at strategic areas around the house, like in the hallway outside the bathroom so that mom can make her way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • Give attention to details. Small things do matter. Buy your mom a nice coffee mug, her favourite CD, or something she likes to eat, for example.
  • One of the worst things that an elderly often faces is loneliness, with family members spending busy lives. Most adult members go to their work place while kids go to school, leaving the aged parents alone at home and no one to talk to. So try spending quality time with your mom and dad whenever you get time. Read to them, chat and share what you have done in the day and ask her to narrate the same.
  • There are times when aged people show streaks of stubbornness. In such situations it is important to be patient and understanding. Try to be kind and gentle and hold your temper even if they seem to be uncooperative.
  • Hire a live in care service if you are too busy and incapable of taking care of your aged parents. The professional care takers have the required knowledge and skills to take care of aged parents.
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