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Expecting your teen not to have a cell phone or to stay away from the technology would be demanding a little too much as cell phones have become an important part of most teens' life. But giving too much of freedom can put your child in trouble and introduce dangerous ways in his life. Thus, like every other thing that you keep a track of, your teen's cell phone use also requires regular monitoring.

Below you have some easy to follow teen cell phone monitoring tips to help you keep your child safe.

Tip 1# Be clear with your kid's cell phone usage rule.

Sometimes instead of monitoring the activities it is more important to clearly state what things are acceptable and what aren't. So, cheating in exams isn't an acceptable action and all kids know it, with this clarity of expectation, cheating isn't a very common scene with all the kids though there are many kids who cheat, everyone doesn't do it!

When you'll have told your child not to visit certain sites, download specific apps and files, communicate with certain people and so on, your child will be clear about the things and activities that are acceptable and the ones which aren't. Now, if your child is not an extremely naughty and a purely spoiled brat, he'll surely listen to what you tell.

Tip 2# Ask Cell phone service provider to monitor your child's usage.

When you buy a plan for your child below the age of 18, you can ask the service provider to provide you with most of the information related to cell phone usage. This includes the person your child communicates with, the duration and time when the communication takes place, the browsing history and so on.

Tip 3# Monitor your child's cell phone manually every once in a while.

Every once in a while ask your child to show you his cell phone. This should be made clear in the very beginning, that you'll be checking the cell phone once in a while. In fact, you should make this clear right at the time when you hand over the cell phone to your child. The best way to do this will be to do it all of a sudden and in a most random manner, this will give you a better idea about your kid's cell phone usage! Scan through the inbox to know what kind of messages your child exchanges, check the Internet browser history, and so on. Your kid may find you to be invading his privacy but that's okay for a parent to do this especially when you are concerned with his safety.

Tip 4# Install cell phone monitoring application on your child's phone.

This will work the best of all as it will cover every kind of cell phone and your kid will not find you to be invading his privacy! You won't even have to touch your child's cell phone and still you'll know every single thing happening on his phone. You'll get to closely track your child's cell phone for the calls, texts, emails, Internet search, and even the sites that your child visits as well as the things that he downloads! And added to that, restricting your child's activities will also be possible for you. Most cell phone tracking software let the user to block various sites, downloading and app use. And if you use a more advanced monitoring system, you can track your child location as well!

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