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Getting parenting tips from the experts can really help when you are facing some family confrontation which involves your child or teen. In the latter case, it may be wise to seek thehelp of a qualified professional as solving the problem yourself may be risky, from all points of view. Very often though we can face a less serious crisis just by getting advice from other parents who have had similar problems.

One thing that struck me was that many parents try to defend their children from situations which are painful. Jerry White who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for his work on banning landmines, talks about what his parents did when he was eleven. He was told to go and offer condolences to his best friend who had lost her father. Now many parents would prefer to protect their children from such situations but he disagrees because he says it is like building up a sort of immunity and that our children need to be exposed to all sorts of situations, both happy and sad. He says that this is one of the best parenting tips from his own parents that he has used with his own kids.

How do we teach our kid about the importance of respect for other people and also for the environment in which we live? We should be setting good examples of how to recycle, save energy and make choices such as walking to save fuel and also to pollute the environment much less. Again, we as parents have to be role models. Respect for the environment also helps to instil respect for other people, animals and everything we come into contact with.

As regards typical teen problems such as the inability to get up at a decent hour, we need to understand the biological reasons for this and act accordingly. Researchers at Brasenose College at Oxford believe that kids and teens from the age of ten to twenty need to stay in bed longer. The reasons are that their body clocks are running two hours behind the rest of us. It could be due to hormonal reasons. In any case, it also explains why teenagers seem to perform better in the afternoon. Many so called experts giving parenting tips from their ivory towers should keep this in mind but they rarely do.

As regards the problem of texting, we should bear in mind that those tens who send more than 120 texts a day are much more likely to smoke, drink and try early sex. The estimates say that this could be as much as 40% more. We should be able to develop ways to stop this text addiction and there are special programs available now for this.

These then are just a few of the parenting tips from the experts. You may want to get more help by asking a consultant child psychiatrist how to solve other problems in bringing up your kids.

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