Being Good Parents

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It is essential for everyone to be good stewards of the Earth so that future generations will be able to live and enjoy it. It is important for children and adults to respect the planet and its wildlife, and learn how to preserve it. In the wise words of Henry David Thoreau, “What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?” Those words of wisdom are very true. If we weren't parenting children to take care of the Earth, the human race as well as all living things here would cease to exist.
The Three Rs
Years ago, the three Rs referred to reading, writing and arithmetic. Nowadays, the three Rs are to reduce, reuse and recycle. Children in kindergarten are taught about recycling in the classroom, but you can start teaching about it even before your child goes to school. It is never too early to be raising children to be eco-friendly stewards.
You should always have a separate container for recycling in your kitchen. Many people will put a recycling bin in the pantry or in the garage so that it is out of the way. Anyone who is raising kids knows that if something is out of sight, it will be out of mind and go unused. Always remind your child about the items that can be recycled. This will consistently instill proper recycling in their day-to-day life.
Neighborhood Cleanup
Many communities have begun programs for neighborhood beautification and cleanup. Litter not only makes our communities look less appealing, but also harms the environment. Nobody likes litterbugs, so we all should be parenting children who are conscientious about keeping their neighborhoods and the planet clean. A few hours spent cleaning up litter will also strengthen child-parent relationships, because you will both be working together toward the same goal.
Become a Gardener
Most kids absolutely love to garden. Simply digging in the dirt just feels really great and natural to them. You should encourage children to plant trees, flowers and foliage. Trees and other plants help to clean the air that we all pollute. The time that you spend gardening with your kids can improve parent children relationship and increase the bond that you have with one another.
Organic fruit and vegetable gardening is also good for the earth. Raising kids to be aware of the pesticides and other chemicals in their food will help them to lead a healthier life while being good stewards of the earth. Children really enjoy watching things that they planted grow and produce delicious foods. Working together and growing food for the family is a great way to spend quality time and develop your child-parent relationships.
Save on Fossil Fuels
We all know that fossil fuels are slowly killing our environment and planet. Cutting down on your fossil fuel usage is not only good for the Earth, but for your pocketbook as well. Those who live in areas that have public transportation should be raising kids to embrace this energy conscious and budget friendly transportation.
People who heat their homes with oil can be eco-friendly by turning their thermostats down a little bit. Raising kids in the freezing cold isn't a good idea, but simply by having your children wear sweaters in the house can make a big difference in your oil usage. A nice fire in the fireplace can make a chilly night into a warm and toasty family time. What's more enjoyable than gathering by the fire and enjoying family time together.

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