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Raising children should be a joyful and wonderful experience. Unfortunately, there are all too many parents out there that have children but consider it to be a chore when they spend time with them.

Kids should be considered blessings and in all honesty, will be the best gift you ever receive. They should be treasured, protected and loved as well as listened to, cared for and respected. By following these parenting tips, you will learn to bask in the happiness that parenting children will bring.

Get to Know Your Child

That may sound a bit silly because you've been raising your kids since the day they were born. But unfortunately, a lot of parents think that they truly know their children because they remember the foods they prefer, the television shows they like or even the kind of bubble bath they love. Knowing a few likes and dislikes doesn't mean that you truly understand what makes your child tick.

It is essential that both parents take the time to get to know the person that their child is growing into. You should expose your kids to as many new things as possible to help them find what they love to do, eat and play.

Parenting tip: It isn't necessary to spend a lot of money trying out new things. There are some free museums you can go to in order to pique there interests in different things. You could borrow a softball bat, ball and glove to find out if your kids like to play softball before doling out the cash to register them for teams. The opportunities are endless for you to get to know your children and develop strong child parent relationships.

Spend Time with Your Kids

It seems that everyone is busy nowadays, hustling and bustling to take care of their job responsibilities as well as social commitments. Unfortunately, many people fail to cut out a chunk of time to spend with their children. Parents who ensure that they have quality time with their children have better child parent relationships than those who do not. So, be sure to put your children before other social commitments and you will enjoy the time you spend together.

Play Together

One of the best ways that will help you to enjoy parenting children is by playing with them. There are a lot of parents out there that simply couldn't be bothered getting down on the floor and playing cars or coloring in a book. Kids need the companionship of their parents and your child parent relationships will be greatly enhanced when you let your hair down and play with your children.

Bedtime Is the Best Time

All too many parents are so exhausted from working all day and raising children in the evenings to spend quality time with their kids at bedtime. Bedtime is the best time to bond with your kids. Parenting tip: Tucking in your kids and reading them a soothing story can help your child sleep better at night.

Parents who allow their kids to watch TV until they fall asleep miss out on so much in their children' lives. Reading teaches your child to use his or her imagination and creates lifelong memories for them as well. It is more likely that a child who was read to nightly will take the time to read to their own kids when it comes time for them to be raising children.

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