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Christening is a ceremony in the religious customs of Christianity where a newborn baby is given a name and welcomed into the community. The customs related to this ceremony vary in different Christian denomination. Parents will dress up their child with a white gown or suit, which is called the christening robe. Earlier, only white color outfits were allowed for the christening ceremony as the white color indicates purity. But, nowadays christening robes are available in different colors and styles, mainly light colors. This article highlights some of the important facts and tips that should be considered while purchasing a christening robe for a child.

Set the budget

Most people will not care about the budget while buying something special for a newborn baby. But setting up a budget will help you arrange the financial schedule of that particular month. Parents should sit together and reach on a decision about the budget before going to buy a christening robe for your baby. Before setting budget, just enquire the price range of christening dresses. If the newborn baby is a girl, you have to buy gowns as a christening dress and the cost will be around $100 to $200. Price will depend on the type of robe chosen.

What to buy

You should have a clear picture on what to buy. Christening robes vary for a girl and a boy child. A newborn girl baby girl is made to wear a christening gown at the time of christening and a boy child is made to wear a christening suit on such occasions. Also decide whether to buy a simple christening dress or go for special handmade dresses. The choice is up to you and you can decide how your baby should look in such occasions. In most families, these dresses are kept as an heirloom and are used during the christening functions of all newborn babies in that family.

Where to buy

As you are going to buy something special for your child for the first time, you will surely get confused about where to buy. Prime importance will be given to branded products, right? So, internet will be the best place to purchase from. A lot of web stores will appear in front of you while browsing. Roam around those online stores for finding a matching christening robe for the child. You will feel it quite easy to find the right one by specifying the required size. Most of the web stores offer only branded products, thus avoiding the tension of quality. You can also search for a Christian baby store in your locality for finding a christening gown.


Most parents want to dress their baby perfectly. Will your child look so perfect by just wearing a christening robe? You will find something missing. Accessories make any outfit wonderful. So, don't forget to purchase accessories along with the christening dress. White headbands, white booties, socks and sweaters are included in the accessories for girls. White hats, booties, jackets, bibs and socks are the common christening accessories for boys. Purchase all these accessories and dress up your baby perfectly.

Take care of the above mentioned facts when you go for buying a christening robe.

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