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It is the duty of every parent to raise their children in the most disciplined manner. There is no end to the values of discipline that you can teach your children, and therefore, you would continue to inculcate values of discipline in them. Now the question that arises in this case is how to raise your disciplined child. Well, there are several things that you would have to keep in mind in this context, so that even when you child becomes a teen, the same values continues to be there in your child. You should be very careful when your child becomes a teenager, because your duties are not yet over.

Even if, your child is disciplined, at a point of time, they might become stubborn, and make unnecessary demand. If you think that the demand is really unnecessary and cannot be catered, you should strictly say no without beating around the bush. Until and unless, you say direct answers, your kid would develop the habit of assuming that there are chances of yes from you. Do not give false hopes to your child, but on the contrary, you can try to explain him points in similar contexts. This in turn, would be beneficial.


Your duty should always be to install hope and confidence in your child, along with offering the right support and right guidance at the right time. Self-esteem is something very important to every person. Therefore, make sure that you do not hurt the self-esteem of your child. This in turn, might affect the values that you have planted in your child. Try to offer encouragement which might again be provided in different ways. A great meal at dinner or just a simple hug can be a wonderful sign of encouragement, and this in turn, would make your child continue moving in the right path.

Do not forget that raising your disciplined child is not easy. The problems that you might have to face can be bigger than the ones faced during the childhood. The injury might also be more, but your support, enthusiasm, and encouragement would make your child confident enough to think positively and make a step for the future. Only in such a case, your child would learn how to face challenges in the future, and the things to be done to face the challenges, overcome the obstructions and emerge as a winner. Are you ready for it?

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