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There are many fields of coaching one can enter and one of them is a parenting coach. There are many parents that need help because as we know being a parent is hard work. It requires patience with a balance of discipline and love. To become a parenting coach means you are entering a great niche market. There are numerous parents that need help, need support and advice to be able to become better at what they do. Now do you have what it takes to become a parenting coach? It would be good if you had some experience with kids and taking care of them for some time as this will give you some credibility. Being a certified accountability coach or having coach training in accountability is also an added bonus.

What is the first step you must take to become a parenting coach to your clients? The first lesson that must be taught is integrity. Parents need to understand and take into account their actions. They need to know that honouring their word and commitments is related to what they value the most which is a peaceful home and obedient children. When children know that their parents are in control of a situation they feel that they are secure. Also, children try to persuade their parents to change their minds or decisions for their favour, but in truth children thrive on limits that are placed on them as long as these limits are consistent. A coaching training lesson on accountability should be taught.


When you have decided to become a parenting coach you will need to teach your clients about awareness. They should be aware of how important it is that their commitments are kept. This may be the part of your job that can be quite difficult because this is the “tough love” phase. Remember as their parenting coach you are their behaviour role model as well.

As a parenting coach you must also make sure that your clients make an impact. You must have the skills to make them understand that their word is related to their values while breaking commitments can be related to things that they should avoid. An example can be is when parents don't follow through with what they tell their children. They give excuses for their actions which children can see right through. This will show children that they can do this as well.

Another important step to become a parenting coach is leading your clients to the qualities I have mentioned above. One must be able to empower his clients to make a choice and keep his commitments. Besides keeping his commitments, a relationship between integrity and one's word and actions should be made.

Making your clients understand that if they establish being true to their word and keeping commitments then this will make a powerful impact on their children. Integrity is not something that one can learn overnight, but with practice and follow through your integrity will be strengthened.

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