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Surrogate means substitute, and a way of assisted reproduction (ART). Normally surrogacy is a method for couples, who are not capable of giving birth to their own child due to numerous medical and health reasons such as infertility status of woman, repeated miscarriages, absence of uterus and some other medical problems like High Blood Sugar, BP, and kidney and heart disorders. But in present scenario, gay and lesbian relationships are also into existence and these relationships are considered legal in the eyes of law, so gay couples also wish to start their families with the help of gay surrogacy programs.

The gay, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender community has also searched to surrogacy as a mean of commencing a family. On the other hand, some countries and states restrict surrogacy to married couples only. In the US, homosexual marriages are not legal, making this a hard barrier to cross. Adoption laws also fluctuate relating to same gender couples, which spaces more complexity on couples selecting surrogacy when many situations deem surrogacy and adoption to be very parallel. Though, surrogacy is a beautiful substitute for gay and lesbian couples as it permits at least one of the prospective parents to have a natural or genetic connection with the baby. Becoming a proud parent is an around the clock job for lifetime. Everyone who wants to be a parent should get ready and arrange this very cautiously, thoroughly and carefully. Parenting is a conclusion you take for whole life and parenting comes with a whole lot of duties and responsibilities with it.



There are many benefits of a surrogacy India. One is the cost effectiveness as compared to UK, USA, Australia etc, an average surrogacy process would cost you approximately 200 thousand US $ to 250 thousand US $ and as contrast to India where a complete surrogacy program would cost no more than 40 thousand US $ all including travel, hotel stay, legal fees and the whole package. Secondly, India is an English speaking country where most of the medical staff, the paramedical staff, and the support staff all speak English.

The prospective gay couples who come all the way to India to undergo gay surrogacy are particularly from English speaking countries and they feels more comfortable here. There are superb health care facilities that are equivalent to the best all across the globe. The doctors can be compared to the best for In-vitro fertilisation treatment for surrogacy in India. One more reason for India's pull as a surrogacy destination is its surrogacy law. In the year 2002, surrogacy process was given a green signal by the Supreme Court of India. Since then every year a number of foreigners travel India just for undertaking surrogacy process. This had made India as one of the biggest spot of commercial surrogacy.

It is by far very simple to be legal gay parents in India. Unlike other countries such as the United Kingdom, some parts of USA, Australia and Canada, which regard surrogates as legal mothers. In India the intended parents are recognises as the legal parents. Also, couples do not have to dread that Indian surrogates will reject to give up the baby or babies they bear.

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