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Decorate your kids' bedroom with fun yet functional furniture that will grow with them. Include decorative accents like picture frames and shower curtains to infuse warmth and style into the room. Decorating a room is a fun activity that you can enjoy with your children.

You can create a unique picture gallery in the kids' room with the help of beautiful picture frames. Accentuate a wall by painting it in a vivid shade and use this wall to display the picture gallery. You can create one-of-a-kind wall decor by including frames, mirrors and art work in the gallery. You can hang frames on the walls or prop them on a ledge for a beautiful display.

To create an interesting collage, choose picture frames in black and white for contrast. You can mix rectangular frames with oval frames for a fun arrangement. Along with photos, you can also display your kids' keepsakes such as seashells they collected from the beach to make the picture gallery more interesting.

The first step to creating a picture gallery is to gather all the photos, artwork and keepsakes you want to display. Choose appropriately sized and styled picture frames for all the display pictures. Black and white pictures stand out in silver frames, while keepsakes and curios can be displayed in shadow box frames.

Once you are done decorating the bedroom, you can think about how to decorate your kids' bathroom. You can choose bold colors and fun designs to create a child-friendly bathroom space. Remember to include accessories such as shower curtains to make the bathroom a lively space the kids will love.

Turn bath time into fun time for the kids by adding colorful shower curtains to the bathroom. A wide variety of fabrics, patterns and styles are available to complement the playful design of the kids' bathroom. You can choose waterproof material such as nylon or vinyl curtains, or you can choose a cotton curtain and protect it with a plastic liner. To prevent the build-up of mold and mildew, choose shower curtains that are machine-washable.

Create a playful kids' room by filling them with decorative accents and functional furniture.

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