Child Rearing

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As the name suggests, a parent coach helps you take back your parent powers. So, no matter how old your child is, you can benefit from the coach's mentoring. Here's what you can expect the coach to do:


  • They are likely to help you in ending the negative behavior of your child. Consequently, you may get respect from child immediately, which is something you certainly need as a parent.
  • If you wish that your child listens to you, you shouldn't nag. The mentor is likely to tell you the same and may also make it possible for you to get the child to follow through with homework and other chores.
  • In case you have more than one child, you may already be dealing with sibling rivalry. But, it has to stop, right? Otherwise, how can you create a loving and caring relationship between your children and ensure that it lasts? Again, the mentor can be of great help here.
  • When you come back tired from work, all you need is sanity, peace and harmony. However, amid so much tension and hostility, you are unlikely to get any. The coach helps in getting rid of these problems.
  • At some point of time, you may have felt that you have a loving child? Have you lost him/her somewhere? The coach helps you reconnect.
  • Reasons You Should Look For a Coach

    • If your child's behavior has begun to bother you, it's high time you get some help. More importantly, if their behavior irritates you, now is the time to act.
    • In case you expect them to pitch in for chores and they aren't, nagging won't help. They won't participate and may continue to talk back or completely ignore you. Again, help is called for.
    • Even worse, your child may already be doing things that you don't want them to do any cost. For instance if they are into drugs or have started stealing your money, can you wait any longer or do you need immediate help? Well, you know the answer.
    • Are you sure they are wrong and you are right? What if you did something wrong? And your child is merely acting the wrong way. A parent coach ensures that you can put your finger on whatever you have done.
    • It is quite a possibility that you have already subjected the poor child to grounding, restrictions, yelling, spanking, and other forms of punishment, trying to make them behave. Did any of these things work? Of course, they must not have, but coaching would.
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