Child Upbringing Methods

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A baby of just a few days old is exactly what he appears to be: a small delicate, soft and bewildered. He only needs to sleep in order to recover from the fatigue of his birth. This phase lasts a few weeks but when he is about two months only, the baby is much more attentive to the surrounding environment and he implements interaction attempts with the means that he has available.

At birth the baby's hearing is already extremely developed. The hearing apparatus is in fact in good working order starting from the prenatal period and the baby has registered the very first memories of when he was still in his mothers' womb. The noises that he heard shall never be forgotten: the beating of his mother's heart, the sound of her voice, the sound of his daddy's voice and the muffled sounds from the surrounding environment of his mother. Well known sounds and noises that reassured him even before he came into the world and that even now, every time that he hears them, transmit serenity and wellness to him. Trills, music, car horns and songs stimulate him and open him up to new things: sometimes he may even be frightened by them but most of the time he is attracted by them. However, nothing makes him feel serene and gratified as the voice of his parents and, most of all, of his mother. Speaking with him with a soft voice, the parents can enjoy his first funny reactions, the attempt to smile through which the baby confirms that he as recognised his parents, so important and unique to him. His sense of taste and olfaction are well developed. Through these senses the baby has experimented the flavour of so many foods and has absorbed the aroma through the amniotic liquid that he was immersed in. This is why the baby is so serene and calm when, during breast feeding, he enjoys the delicate flavour of the milk while his mother embraces him close to her body. During this embrace the baby relives the deep feeling of safety of his intrauterine life, in a deep and exclusive exchange with his mother.


Touch is also an important instrument of knowledge: of himself and of the outside world, a reality through which the skilled hands of his parents guide him, helping him to build his self conscience. Skin is a real organ of sense, full of nerves. Its stimulation, through hugs, kisses and embraces make him feel safe and give him all of the reassurances that a baby needs. Being touched by the warm hands of his mummy or daddy full of baby oil or a specific lotion, help him to become aware of his physical nature with regards to the world and, therefore, to acquire a greater level of awareness. The exchange of gestures, words and songs among hugs, smiles and the perfume of his mummy and daddy provide him with a very deep level of communication that unites him, from the very beginning, to his parents.

Sight, on the contrary, is the last of the senses that opens a baby up to the world. At least six or seven months must pass before he can focus on objects at a certain distance. In the meantime the mother and father can stimulate him with colours and shapes, with coloured and illuminated games and panels to hand from the cradle, with objects to observe, grasp and manipulate. This is why it is so important that the baby is often taken outside to come into contact with the natural colours reflected by the sun. Walks at sunset are also very good if the baby is well protected by the pram. The soft lights of the twilight offer shades of colour that are totally different, therefore stimulating recognition of colours and the difference between day and night.

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