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Teenage and child anger seems to be one of the most common teenage behaviour issues today in the UK. This is the feedback we are getting from parent helplines.

Then there are problems with early sex and underage issues , stealing, lying and gender issues concerned with sexual orientation. The next big area that is always mentioned is that fact that many teens lack motivation and they do not want to study, nor even try to get employment. Finally, there are concerns that peer pressure is harmful and that they are frequenting bad company which is liable to get them into trouble with the law.

As regards the anger issues, the counsellors usually advise parents to do the following. They recommend first that they make some attempt to find the root cause. There may be frustration, grief, depression, ADHD or ODD. It is interesting to note that the University of Melbourne has done studies which suggest that some teenagers have a larger amygdala which is a part of the brain which feeds angry outbursts and takes longer to subside than those with a normal size amygdala.

The second thing to do is approach the teen with an open mind and a determination not to pester, nag or lecture the teen which many teenagers complain about when they take part in surveys on parents' attitudes. You are there to listen and there must also be a willingness to be flexible and to compromise. This may not be sufficient but there are at least counsellors who can help and who are better trained at getting at the deep rooted cause.

Another charity in the UK is the Young Minds which is more concerned with teenage behaviour issues connected with mental health. Very often the self harm or self injury comes up and this is becoming increasingly common nowadays. This is usually a physical way of dealing with unhappy emotions. There may be depression, frustration, drug abuse, bullying, sexuality, relationship issues, abuse and many other issues at the root of the problem. This is why if a parent becomes aware of this, they should always talk to their family doctor or approach an organisation like Young Minds for counselling and advice.

As we have seen, teenage behaviour issues can take many forms and are closely related to mental health, family issues and above all parenting styles. That is why it is always better to establish acceptable boundaries in your family early on before it is too late. But this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

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