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Unless you've been deliberately avoiding international news for the past several years, you are probably aware that Russia, and in particular, Moscow, has become a giant player on the international stage of commerce. Moscow is home to dozens of billionaires, which, just twenty years ago, would have been unthinkable. Despite the problems of overcrowding, crumbling infrastructure, and some “Wild West” business practices, expatriates are flocking to Moscow and trying to stake their claim in the financial gold mine that is, if very lucky, found in the city.

Some expatriates arrive with the support and guidance of a large corporate employer who is used to the challenges faced by newly arrived executives and their families. Others, however, come with little more than a handful of contacts, a laptop, and some big dreams. Whichever way expatriates arrive in Moscow, however, one thing is sure: if an expatriate has children, they will need to be taken care of while the parents work the long hours required to be successful.

Most new immigrants to Moscow don't speak Russian fluently, much less proficiently. Nor do their children, which can make using a Russian nanny who only speaks Russian very stressful for everyone. Because of this, there is a high demand for English-speaking nannies in Russia. Russian nannies who speak English are in short supply, however, because Russian women with fluent English often are employed in other sectors of business. Of the Russian nannies in Moscow who do speak fluent English, many or most of them are already employed elsewhere.

Expatriates with a supportive and experienced international employer can, of course, turn to their colleagues in Human Resources at their jobs, and get referrals or even money to pay to a traditional “brick and mortar” nanny agency. However, not all corporations have this luxury benefit available to their expatriate employees. Since expatriate families often incur significant costs in relocating and setting up home, not to mention the financial lag that can occur while waiting for first paychecks or clients to pay their invoices, a quick and affordable solution to the childcare problem was in demand.

The marketplace has responded to this demand, fortunately. Expatriate families in Moscow can now turn to affordable online nanny agencies. These agencies normally charge a very small fee to parents, and in return get to review the profiles and contact details of all the nanny candidates listed on their register. Parents are also normally allowed to post their own “ad” on the site, which describes their family, their requirements, and other pertinent information. Parents and nannies can then contact each other, hold interviews, negotiate contracts, and begin work, often saving both parties hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees.

Of course, many Russian nannies are looking for work overseas in countries like Canada and the U.S.A. However, many would jump at the chance to simply live in Moscow, Russia's capital city, for an English-speaking family. They would not be so far away from their families in Russia, would not require a special work permit, and could still practice their English and make valuable contacts. Using a reputable online nanny agency, such as, for example, can solve a number of pressing childcare problems for families in Moscow who need a great English-speaking nanny right away.

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