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There are plenty of avenues we could go down with this article, however we are not going to go down the sanctimonious lecture route of how it is bad for children to be stuck in front of an Xbox all evening, we'll leave that for the “parenting experts”

I'm sure we would all agree that a healthy mind is important, especially for young children growing up, when a healthy and inquisitive mind can help a lot with school work and life development in general. We feel one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to ensure your child gets the opportunity for creative play.

If you look back 20 years, there wasn't anything Blue Peter couldn't teach you how to make out of an empty washing up bottle and two dozen toilet rolls. Now we are able to take that element of creativity, simplify it a bit and remove a lot of the mess from the process.


You can now get hours of creative play for your children with a cardboard playhouse, they can spend hours decorating it, it is supplied plain so that it can be coloured in, painted, or be covered in stickers, and once that is done they can play away to their hearts content.

Not sure a standard style of playhouse is right and want to take a different approach, under the same principle of encouraging creative play, and a healthy mind we sell many different versions, not just plain playhouses. We sell cardboard palaces, cardboard castles, cardboard forts, even cardboard igloos. For the wannabe astronaut we have a choice of cardboard rockets, and for the ones born to perform we even have cardboard puppet theatres – the choices are huge, and there should be something to suit everyone, in a colour to suit most tastes, typically standard choices are white, brown, pink, silver, or pink and silver, although some ranges do offer a slightly more limited choice.

We all have a responsibility to the Environment, and here at we take it very seriously, paper & cardboard are from both from 100% renewable and sustainable sources unlike plastic & oil based products. We believe that our range of environmentally friendly cardboard toys and cardboard playhouses will help both today's children and future generations learn to be more socially responsible as well as more ecologically aware, whilst having fun, being creative, and enjoying themselves.

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