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To feel the touch of motherhood, arid couples are forced to step forward on the path of surrogacy. The term “surrogate” means substitute or in simple term it can be defined as alternate or proxy arrangement. With the startling stature of infertility, surrogacy in India is deeply rooting its paws in the present times. Late marriage, hectic lifestyle full of corpulence, constant trauma and several other reasons indeed play an important role in its alarming growth. This practice was made legal in 2002 in India with Supreme Court's ruling determining commercial surrogacy to be a legal carry out. In 2008 the bill granted permission to the single parents having their children from surrogated mother but the surrogate will not have any right on the child born from this arrangement. The country possesses some legislative rules that guide and direct the process of surrogacy in India.

In commercial surrogacy, the surrogate is remunerated to lug the child till maturity in her womb. But this form is usually practiced by upper income infertile couple who can easily manage to pay the rate in order to accomplish their trance of being parents. With rigorous increase in population and raise of high international demand the industry is reaching its peak and India undoubtedly has ready availability of poor surrogates. In much simpler term it can be defined to be “womb on rent” or the pregnancy can be said to be 'outsourced'. India is one of the leading countries as Indian women bid to best surrogates for infertile foreigners because of low cost treatment.On the contrary the laws of UK and US do not permit the surrogate women to charge the fruitless couple whereas in India there is no such law to thwart the surrogate women from receiving payment that to for her womb. Gujarat, in India unbelievably receives 50 offers for surrogacy per month with payment of incredibly unbelievable sum of money. If surrogacy is done willfully than only the intentional parents as well as the surrogate both will sense the process gleefully. This industry is estimated to be nearly of 500 million dollar.


Unlike tourism trade, in India surrogacy has developed spectacularly with a shoot of 50% in merely two years targeting to reach the figure of $2.3 billion next year with area of expertise in small part of fertility treatment business like vitro treatment, egg and sperm donation etc. The Health Ministry in January drafted India's first surrogacy law even after being alarmed about abuses, legal loopholes and the nation's reputation, of how often surrogates can give birth and guidelines aimed at preventing “stateless” babies. We can view a long queue of egg donors even the smallest clinics because of its simple procedure and four times as profit. The case of German national in Gujarat is set to be a landmark in judgment regarding surrogacy in which the Gujarat High Court conferred Indian citizenship to the twins fathered through German national.

If the growth ratio of surrogacy is going to keep up the percentile in the way it is, the entire scenario of necessity for fertile women, as egg donors will change the society in coming days; especially for the wealthy couples of the west who prefer to go for commercial surrogacy over natural childbirth because of the pain and stress that the mother has to undergo.

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