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Fostering involves taking care of a child as a part of the family even though the child belongs to some other family and his/her original parents are not in a position to take care of the child either temporarily or permanently for one reason or another. There are two types under fostering being long-term and short-term. Long-term is a type where the child will be living with his/her adoptive parent until reaching the age of 18, while short-term can last for hours, days or months together according to the interest of the kid. If you are planning to offer short-term or long-term fostering to a child, some information for your thought is given below.

Fostering – A family affair: Fostering should not be an individual decision, before you opt for such an act, it is better to discuss with your spouse, children and any other members in your family and go further only after obtaining their acceptance with clear reasons as to why you are opting for this sort of parenting.

Separate room: Before inviting a kid to your home, it is better to ensure whether you have a separate room for him or her. As he/she is a child, it will take some time for him/her to move with the members of your family and they will not wish to share their room with your kids. So, ensure that you have a separate room for the new family member.

Time consideration: Before taking a kid on fostering, you will have to ensure whether you will have time to spend with the child after he/she returns from the school and whether you will be in a position to spend time with him/her during holidays. It is better not to adopt a child on fostering if you will not get time to spend with him/her.

After considering the above-mentioned points, it is better to contact a fostering agency at Southampton, if you are living in Southampton. After contacting a service provider, a social worker will be contacting you for obtaining some information about you and your interests.

Then, you will have to attend a training course for becoming a foster carer and on completion of the course, parenting assessment Southampton will be conducted for ensuring whether you will be in a position to take care of a child.

On completion of the parenting assessment Southampton, an assessment report will be submitted to the fostering panel of the agency and based on the report a child will be handed over to you for foster caring.

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