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The truth about “going green” and making a difference by changing your carbon footprint is completely subjective. It seems that the only way we are going to manage to save the planet is by educating one person at a time. But will this eventually achieve critical mass to actually make a difference

Recent research that has been released shows that the effect of global warming will be stopped in it tracks if every person on the planet planted one tree. If you think that this is completely impossible then you should know that there is a way that you can plant a tree in just a matter of minutes.

You do not have to do a whole lot of research in order to find a website that will help you plant a tree without leaving your seat where you are sitting right now. With the incredible slow-down of press coverage after we seem to have made an effective difference to the ozone layer has made a big difference to the amount of effort that people put into their own private lives.

Just turning on the lights in your house is using electricity and that increases your own personal carbon debt. The same as taking your car down the road instead of walking will add to your own personal carbon debt. There are many such examples which can have a massive impact if everyone did the same thing.

It seems that the only practical way of making a difference to the carbon debt that we all have is by teaching our children how to use less and do more. But the problem is that there is just not enough time to get this done effectively as head towards the abyss of self-destruction.

Who knows maybe the Internet is going to be a way that we are all going to survive eventually and that will make a big difference to each of our own personal carbon footprint. The reason is that if we stay at home and can make money online we will be using less carbon that if we drove our car to work.

With over 800 million active subscribers to Facebook and over 100 000 new websites being made every day it certainly seems that way. So if using your computer to make a living is something that can change the economy of a country then it is completely possible that this could be our saving grace?

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