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Just open a newspaper or turn on the television, and you'll notice the roar of frustration emerging from working parents these days. Job insecurity is rampant in nearly every field, and among the workers who still have work, demands for overtime and massive and unsustainable productivity increases are skyrocketing. Job-related stress is at a national red-alert level, and children and marriages are suffering greatly because of it.

Still, many parents are fighting back in whatever ways they can to save their children and their marriages. This has lead to a massive increase in the number of nanny jobs available. Once associated only with the rich and famous, today working and middle-class parents are looking to nannies to maintain their homes, supervise, transport, and tutor their children. Nannies allow the parents and families to simply spend what precious little free time they have together as a family. Children don't have to fight for their parents' attention because it won't be devoted to cooking and cleaning, and couples don't have to spend their precious pillow talk time discussing pick-ups, drop-offs, dental appointments and soccer practice.

If you do a Google or Yahoo search for a reputable online nanny agency, you'll find literally thousands of openings for nanny jobs. Some employers have more to offer a nanny in terms of benefits, salary and lifestyle, of course. Like any profession, fantastic nanny jobs aren't usually the first one an inexperienced and unconnected nanny is likely to get. However, once a nanny has had at least one or two successful placements, getting more nanny jobs usually gets easier and easier. A nanny with years of experience, several foreign languages and excellent English, can build a glamorous, lucrative and exotic international career for herself if she so chooses.

Some upscale magazines and newspapers, such as the Sunday edition of The New York Times, also feature ads for nanny jobs. More likely, though, they will features ads for reputable nanny agencies. If you are considering using an agency for either finding nanny jobs or for employing a nanny, be sure to do some research on the company before paying money to them as a client or registering yourself as being available for nanny jobs. Look online for consumer reviews of the agency, or contact the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints made against the company. Any agency offering nanny jobs should be up-front about who they are, when they were founded, and out of which company they legally operate.

Nanny jobs are hot because they can solve a lot of problems for both the employee and the employer, fast. Children need taken care of immediately, 24/7. Nannies usually need a place to live, food to eat, a job to do, and a salary with which to pay their bills. Parents need to feel safe and comfortable in their own homes, and they need to have ample emotional and physical energy available for their children, for each other, and for their careers. Combined, these three sets of needs complement each other perfectly. As long as the nanny can do a good job with the children and gets on well with the parents, and the parents can afford to pay her fairly and decently, it's a win-win-win situation for all involved.

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