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We always get benefit from our Ancestors if, we have true feelings, memories and performed the rituals in a right way. Ancestors are the great souls which always help others because of their nature and culture. They are associated with the microcosm of the world, therefore they warn their relatives about the impending danger and obstacles in their lives and help them to solve their problems as well. Usually, they do not make us aware of their existence. However, they might make their presence feel to the people who are mentally and spiritually more inclined towards them. Apart from this, they also provide consultation and help to rectify the issues in their life.

Shraadh is a ritual that is performed during the Pitra Paksh period lasting a fortnight, by the son in reverence to his late parents, grand -parents and great-grand-parents .All offerings, on the particular day [the day when the last breath was taken ,as per the Hindu almanac, called the “tithi”] ,during the period of Pitra-Paksh are accepted by the deceased ancestors in all happiness and in turn they offer their blessings .During the Shraadh period ,the souls of the deceased, with due permission of the Lord of Death , “Yamraj”, come down to earth to accept these offerings and shower blessings on their children and kin. Chanting of Vedic Mantras further sanctifies the ritual.

Shraadh is a very pious and auspicious ceremony and it is the undeniable duty of every son towards his ancestors to religiously follow and fulfill it. The ritual of offering water with black sesame seeds and barley during the Shraadh period is a very significant ritual, carried out the entire fortnight ensuring that the souls of the ancestors are quenched. Clothes and gifts are distributed so that our ancestors shall not be bereft of clothing and other requirements which they enjoyed during their lifetime. The Shraadh when performed with reverence and piety immunizes the sons from any misfortune, by the blessings of the ancestors. We as children are indebted to our ancestors and we should acknowledge the sanctity of our ancestors in our lives.

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