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Does your job demand you to be away from your family this Christmas? Though there is nothing that you can do to compensate for your absence, there is something that you can do to bring the smile back on the faces of your children. Who would not like to start the day with Christmas gifts? Very few, isn't it? Therefore, this Christmas day be a Santa to your children and shower them with gifts to India of their choice. What more could your children ask for (except your presence) on Christmas day than your wonderful gifts? If you are confused as to what to gift your children, here' some help coming your way.

Toys definitely top the list. Today there are several categories of toys available. For instance, construction toys, creative toys, educational toys, sound toys, spinning toys, stuffed animals, dolls, toy cars, action figures and so on. Toys are not only a means of entertainment for children but also help them to develop their physical and mental skills.

There are board games, card games, video games and dice games. These games differ in the way they are played. Some require strategies, some luck and some skill. Games help to develop cognitive skills and social skills.

Puzzles can be categorized into construction puzzles, tiling puzzles, disentanglement puzzles, logic puzzles, lock puzzles, picture puzzles, mechanical puzzles, sliding puzzles, transport puzzles, stick puzzles and so on. Puzzles are a great way of improving kids' cognitive or problem solving skills, social skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and memory skills.

Books are indeed kids' best friends. Books not only entertain kids but also teach them. It helps them to develop vital language skills. In today's age of the internet, only very few children read books. Hence, as parents we must make sure to develop the habit of reading at a very young age.

There are certain kids who favor gadgets and gizmos more than anything else. Hence, for such kids you can gift kids camcorders, kids digital cameras, kids laptops, kids MP3 players, kids PC and kids iPhones.

Compared to earlier times it is very easy to send gifts today. Just do online shopping and send Christmas gifts online. It would reach children on time and would bring back that special smile on their faces.

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