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Are you concerned your teen is not reading enough? Do you want an effective consequence that will help open their mind and ensure your teen is developing their analytical skills? Then you might want to consider implementing reading reviews as a consequence in your home. Reading reviews are also a great way to sit down and spend some time with your teen engaging in intelligent discussion. The reading material will vary a lot depending on the size of the Home Contract violation; if it's just a small violation you might get your kid to read a poem or short story, however if it is a significant or serious violation then you might like to assign some longer reading material such as a novel. Many parents like to choose material that has some kind of strong moral so that they are also teaching their teens an important lesson.

How to Conduct a Reading Review

You should make sure that you choose material that you are familiar with or you should take some time to read it yourself, so that you can properly discuss it with your kid. Before your teen starts reading the poem, short story or book you should elect some questions about the material that your teen should endeavor to answer by the end of the reading. Let your teen know that these questions will all be open for discussion with you, as this will encourage them to really seek out the answers in the material.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask your kid to answer for their reading review. It can be a good idea to use more specific questions to test certain areas of the material and to ensure that your teen has read it thoroughly.

  • Who are the key characters?
  • What is the book about?
  • What time period is the book set in?
  • What did you like or dislike about this story?
  • What is the main theme of the book?
  • Which character did you relate to most?
  • Is there anything you would have changed about the plot?

These are all open questions that can lead on to some interesting discussion with your teen. It should be your goal to really engage in discussion with your teen about the material they have just read. Although reading reviews are used as consequences for mistakes your teen has made, they can serve as a clever way to bond with your teen while discussing some exciting literature.

Have you ever used a reading review with your kid before? Did you find it effective?

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