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Someday I want to be a mother. I want to have two kids, a boy and a girl and a good and as well as a responsible husband to help me take care of my children. This is a very simple dream. Though, as I grow up, it turned out that this basic dream of mine is hard to be materialized. As I grow older and learned information and gained knowledge, I realized that parenting is a very broad responsibility that childish dreams could never understand.

Lately, there have been too much viral videos and even news articles that criticized some parents on how they deal with their children. I guess, you have heard or watch some videos about baby yoga and some kids who experienced to have an eyebrow tattoo. At a very young age, these children don't have the rational mind to choose between right and wrong, while the parents have that faculty. So, no wonder, that, many criticisms have been made with these news and viral videos.

Watching and reading those videos and articles made me think about the great responsibility of a mother, of parents in general. Children, in one aspect of their lives could be considered as pure, innocent, and without blemish. Due to this fact, the parents and the home environment will be the one that will mould the first memories, personality and character of every child. Whatever a child will be in the future, the first thing that will influence him is his parents.


In this view, the notion of the nature vs. nurture will be relevant. Psychologists have long been studying about this concept. “Nature” for instance deals with what the child have since he was born-that is his genes-. The genetic identity of the child, which he got from his grandparents, father and mother is the “nature”. While the “nurture” is the environment of the child which could influence him till he grow old. These are the family and home environment, peers, school, neighbours and even his culture.

Let us say that a child could have all the genetic background of a strong man in the future, but when his parents, friends, school and even his culture let him grow to be a naive and weak man, in that case the concept of nature vs. nurture could be seen. These two actually work hand in hand on the development of the child.

One thing that I learned about parenting through psychology and from men and women wearing plus size cargo pants and mens drawstring pants is that, parents have the highest part of influence on children, not the peers, not the school and not even the culture. It is for the reason that parents could contribute for both the “nature” and the “nurture” factor that are needed for child development.

However, knowing that parents are the great influencer will not make a difference unless it could be acted upon. Many parenting books, articles and even advice and tutorials have been developed and made, but still parents just know but don't act responsibly. Nevertheless, there are no perfect parents as well as children. But there is a proper parenting that could boost those children's personalities and potentials. I guess that's all that matters in parenting; loving the child and showing that love thru appropriate ways and letting the child grow unto his greatest potential. On these ways, I believe, lies the heart of good parenting.

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