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Many parents always ask their children to learn piano, when being asked to tell the advantage of learning piano, they always answer like this playing piano can develop children's musical intelligence, promote their brain development, cultivate noble sentiment and improve the appreciation of music. In addition, playing piano would make life become more fulfilling and tasteful. However, when we ask most parents to tell the advantage of playing ball, just few parents think deeply this question. In many parent's eyes, playing ball is just horseplay and children would get nothing in addition to obtain pleasure and physical exercise development. Is the standpoint right? In fact, from the perspective of developing children's physical and mental state, playing ball has the same function with playing piano. A certain extent, playing ball is better than playing piano. Before children master the playing skill and can play fair-sounding music, they have to learn more knowledge and then practice once again, which is so boring. What's more, if parents don't give the right guidance, playing piano would become one suffering task in children's eyes. We can imagine that the children who are forced to practice playing skills usually don't have the pleasant feeling of playing. With bad mood, development on other aspects also gets bad influence.

Even simply from the aspect of develop musical intelligence, playing piano doesn't have the absolute superiority than playing ball. In fact, all the sounds in natural world are the elements of music. Whether one person is sensitive to music are partly decided by its sensitiveness to sound in the nature. What's more, music itself is emotional. In other words, music without emotion is usually not viable. Therefore, if children are forced to lean playing piano for a long time, what they feel is usually the unpleasant emotions and has no opportunity to feel other emotion. For a long time, its internal influence on music or even sound would become thick-skulled.

Finally, let discuss the advantages of playing ball. The sounds and rhythms would be different when touching on the different grounds with the different height, speed. When catching the ball, children would feel happy while they would feel dispirited if not catching the ball. When competing with other children, they would feel proud when wining the match and feel grieved if losing the game. All in all, too many circumstances would give children too many emotional experiences, which without doubt would help them better understand the meaning of music.

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