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Couples or intended parents who have made the decision to try surrogacy often find the best and most reliable surrogate mothers in Florida. Florida is considered as one of the best states in the U.S. to find great and dependable surrogate services. This is partly because of the great laws and statutes that are implemented on that state to protect the welfare of surrogates and intended parents. After intended parents found the best suited mother they would need to decide on the best type of surrogacy suited for them. There are two main types or classification of surrogacy and they are: Traditional surrogacy and Gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy is the mutual agreement between the mother and the intended parents to carry and deliver the child. On this type of surrogacy the surrogate's own egg cells are used to conceive the child and it is fertilized through artificial insemination of the intended parent's sperm cell. This process creates a genetic link between the mother and the child. Gestational surrogacy is the agreement between the both parties to carry and deliver a child. In this process or type of surrogacy, the intended parents own egg cells and sperm cells are used to conceive the child and the fertilized egg is transferred to the surrogate mother.

Having defined both types clearly, parents can choose the best option. Legally speaking, Gestational surrogacy is much better compared to Traditional surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy creates less legal conflicts between intended parents and surrogate mothers because there is no genetic link between the child. However, Traditional surrogacy is still the popular choice for many intended parents because it is less expensive and has a higher rate of success compared to Gestational surrogacy. There are certain incidences that have happened in the past that led to several revisions on statutes and laws concerning Traditional surrogacy. There were instances that the surrogate mother had difficulties in letting go of the child because they are related. These untoward incidences have led to several law suits.

In Florida, both types of surrogacy are well protected by its statutes and laws. There are well defined provisions and regulations for each type of surrogacy that ensures intended parents and surrogate mothers less legal conflicts. Finding legal surrogates in Florida is a lot easier because the state protects this agreement well. Florida has become one of the best destinations in the world to have this method of having a child done. To find the best surrogate mother in Florida it is highly advisable to trust and implore the services of reputable surrogate agencies. These agencies are professionals when it comes to this process; they have in depth knowledge of all the legalities and have done extensive research to find only the best surrogate mothers to assist you with the process. By checking all the online resources and websites for surrogate agencies in Florida you can surely find the best suited surrogates that could change your life forever.

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