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There are the constant fears of unpredictable threats and risk prevails in the life. Safety and security of an individual have become the serious concerns. It is the need of the hour to understand and react to the forthcoming risks. Innocents carry out certain activities without judging its effects. They are unaware of the risk factor involved in such activities since some activities have its after effects. There are certain activities which people take up for the fun sake but they don't realize the unseen harmful effects. Initially, people keep on taking such pleasurable events with great interest but when these event start putting their hazardous effect then they realize, how wrong they were? There is one such activity immensely carried out on the internet is chatting. This activity is excessively being taken up by the people of all the ages. Kids, adolescents, teens, grown up and elders of all ages are finding the interests in chatting with the strangers at the other end. These chats are taken up for the long hours by these people. It changes the mental attitude and disturbs the routines works of the people. They chat with the adults of all ages by hosting certain themes of unlimited variants. They provide an option with the users to create a chat room of your choice to have the chat with the strangers of same tastes.

What is chat room?

Chat room is the platform created on internet where the people of all ages interact with each other across the world. They get the access to these methods by using a sign -in name. People use multiple ways to interact with the person at the other end using various application platforms.

This is the virtual room created on the internet where thousands of users interact with each other in real-time. There are topic specifies chat rooms which usually allow the users to share their views on the related topics. It is great fun using chat rooms and making good friends on the internet. It is common fact that if something has its benefits then it also gave the drawbacks or worse effects. Same rules apply here also, in using the chat room on the internet.

There is the need to be careful while using the chat room on the internet, as you are chatting with unknown whom you can't see or hear. It is like interacting to a virtual person who have no existence, but In fact, there is someone who is real and existing, But don't have the identity or fake identity so believing or trusting such person could lead to huge danger. Such people are paedophiles and are very dangerous.

What are the risks?

There are potential risks of chat room to the children which are exposes to individuals who may do multiple harms. People of evil nature try to access chat rooms to find innocent to make the relation with them. Longer chat with children enables them to establish honesty and integrity with them and comfortable association with the people can lead the subsequent harm. There are possible dangers of the chat rooms where the individual can hide the real identity and can pretend to fake person .There are always the of sharing the personal information or vital details which can be misused or wrongly handled to black mail you. The excessive uses of chat room for long hour have more possibilities of computer hacking by inserting some semi automatic spywares. Moreover, people socially disconnected with the real people and get more interest in the virtual world. This is addictions which have equal effect on the human behavior as do other addictions like alcohol or drugs have on human health or psyche.


This is indicative from the facts that the chat room is more dangerous addictive activity which dissociate one from the society and projects an individual into the virtual world which have no existence.

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