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Nothing can be better than reading books. Reading books is a very good habit, and it is the duty of the parents to inculcate this habit into their children right from a very tender age. In the initial stages, you would have to select story books for your child, because it might be difficult for them to make the selection. However, once they are aware of their choices and interests, they would be able to make the selection on their own. Selection of proper books from an initial stage would help your child to follow the right path throughout his life.

Before selecting some good books for your kid, try to recall your child. What kinds of books did you liked to read? Fairy tales or jungle themes! There are many children who also like adventure stories from a very early age. Therefore, you can try out your own desires on your kid, and check out whether your kid likes it not. Select valuable books that can increase the curiosity of your kid, and thereby enhance the skills of reading. Only when you are successful in selecting the right book for your kid, you would be able to see him grow as a passionate book lover with many other added skills through book reading.


Considering the age of your kid is very essential before selecting the right stories. If your kid is too small to understand the stories of difficult adventure themes, then it would be better not to go for such options. On the contrary, you can select some fairy tales or some animal stories, or even funny stories. You can be assured that such stories would really be liked by your kid. Stories should always be funny because you should not forget that you are selecting one for your kid. Often, adventure stories are also mixed with elements of fun. You can also get them.

Another important thing that you must keep in mind before the selection of the right stories is the price of the story books. Try to get books at a cheaper rate for your child, because you are not too sure whether your child would prefer the stories. Try to be slightly creative in the selection of the stories, and this creativity should be influenced largely by the interests of your child. Stories with pictures are simply appealing to any kid, and therefore, you should make the selection accordingly.

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