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Teaching our children about the importance of money is an important part of their growing years. This teaches them about discipline and patience. But how can a parent teach their 4 to 5 years old children of the importance of money in their daily lives?

For children, money is not as important as the toys they play with. They do not know that the only reason that they got their toys is that their parents bought it with money. The only way that most children understand about this is that the nice salesman or woman gave them that toy as gift.

Living out this important aspect in a child's growing years can significantly affect their future as well as their perception of life, such as the importance of saving up for their own future. This usually happens among the wealthy in which parents just provide their children anything that they wanted without teaching them on how were able to get those things with the use of money.

According to latest parenting Philippines news, there are a couple of ways on how parents can make their children understand the importance of money. Here are some of those popular methods:

The “Saving Up” Method
One popular method used for teaching our children on the importance is the “Saving Up” method. This involves saying to children that if they wanted to have a toy from a toy store, or anything else, their parents would have to sacrifice the money they saved up for other things, like ice cream.

This teaches their children on discipline, on weighing the important things, of what they wanted or what they needed. Eventually, this can serve a very important trait their adulthood.

The “No More Money” Method
One of the most popular methods that any parent can use is the “No More Money” method, which is simply saying to our children that they have no more money to spend on a toy or other things.

This is a simple way to teach our children of patience. This also allows parents to teach their children on saving for what they wanted, which is another method.

However, for this to be successful, according to latest Philippines Lifestyle news, parents should also explain to their children why they have no more money to buy them a toy. This gives them the opportunity to teach their children that all that they do, from their appliances to their food, are bought using money.

The “Princess and the Frog” Method
The “Princess and the Frog” is a popular Disney movie and book where a girl of low birth dreams of having her own restaurant. And to achieve this, she worked hard on it and even doing double shifts so she can buy her own restaurant.

This story teaches children on the importance of saving to achieve their dream, which is also an important trait that many of today's wealthiest people have. For more information visit to our site at inquirer.net/

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