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Kids always love to be in close relation with nature. They love the natural world; the sea, the sky, the animals and the green lands. Pets, beings a member of the natural world, always attract kids' attention. According to some children psychologists, pets play a vital role in kids' developmental process. The most important skill that kids learn from pets is the art of socializing. Kids, who are shy in nature, may find a best mate in their pets. These days, there are number of pets that are available in markets. But parents should research well before buying a pet for their kids. From nomadic hunting dogs to goldfish, people love to take care of their furry, flying, swimming, creeping, and scaly friends. Some of the popular pets include dogs, cats, fish, small trammels and birds. In the metropolises, people often face problem with their pets due to lack of space in home, as most of them live in apartments. So it's a better idea to choose those pets which need less space to live in. Another important thing is to consider the kid's nature and expectation before buying pets for them. A goldfish or a dog needs comparatively less space to dwell and thus it can be a good choice for kids.

To kids, pets are like their toys. They play with them, pamper them and also spend a good part of their day with them. When children come in close relation with pets, they start caring for them. This develops the quality of responsibility among kids. Parents often engage their child in the activity of taking care of pets. In this way they develop a close relation with the pet. In some households, these members from the animal kingdom become a part of the family. Pets are of great advantage to the children suffering from ADHD. Pets require a schedule for feeding, walking, bathing etc. Once the child becomes accustomed to following the pet's schedule, it will be easier for the child to follow a schedule for homework, chores or extra-curricular activities. Pets like dogs can teach behavioral modification techniques to the kids who have problems with socializing with others. Moreover, when children engage in playing with their pets in the outdoors, it also helps them in strengthening their body muscles. Fresh air and good circulation from aerobic exercise increases oxygen-filled blood flow to a child's brain.

Though pets provide a number of benefits to kids, parents should also take proper care before letting their kids to play with these creatures. Pets ultimately belong to the animal family and they don't have the judgmental power. So kids should learn first how to behave with these members of the animal world. Pulling ears and tails, running like crazy, teasing, hitting, cornering the dog, tormenting the dog when he is sleeping, etc., can lead to a nip or worse. Even the best trained dog if hurt or pushed enough could bite. Children will be children and forget, but rules must be followed. Safety for child and pets should always be the first priority of parents.

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