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Parentsare always ready to do whatever it takes for their children. Even if that means to create the most awesome Halloween costume. And Jason Smith is one such parent. He wanted only the best for his baby daughter when he pulled up his sleeves and started to build an Alien-oriented costume.

Yep, he came up with the idea to build Aliens' Power Loader costume that will make he and his daughter stand out from the Halloween crowd. Well, they were really something special!

Since the Power Loader is a two person operation, the father was the robot, while his little girl was acting as the driver instead of Sigourney Weaver. The incredible Power Loader costume, piloted by baby Ripley, could be seen in action yesterday!

The costume, which took two nights and a day to be constructed, was made out of cardboard boxes and hot glue. While the entire Power Loader's creation weighed only 10 pounds, having a Baby Bjorn carrier in its structure.

And the most amazing part – the costume was 100% baby-friendly. All of its components could be removed easily in order to be met baby's needs. Speaking of the costume's safety, Jason Smith wrote the following:

“My highest priority was keeping my little girl safe, so the costume was designed for mobility and quick exit in case of emergency. The boots are basically cardboard slippers that could pop right off. With a shrug of my shoulders, I could pop the arms right off. What you can't see from the video is that there are no bottoms on the robot arms, so my human arms were completely free and unimpeded. I could leave the claws hanging idle from the shoulder joints while I could address any of my girl's needs. I would have had to take the suit off to changer her diaper, though!”

He also added: “I love Halloween, and I wanted to create a costume that my daughter and I could share. She was amazingly content the whole night, and enjoyed looking at everybody else's costumes.”

If this is not thoughtful parenting, I honestly don't know what it is. I only wonder what his daughter's reaction will be once she finds out that she was replaced by a stuffed monkey at bed time!

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