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A baby shower is the most cherished event that every single parent cherishes to celebrate in style. No one wants to be it a boring event, one which is just another routine ritual. It is a party after all, which is intended to entertain the guests and providing the expecting mother a chance to interact with the people she loves. Throwing a theme based Baby Shower party has become the most popular way of injecting some fun and frolic into the conventional dreary parties. Not only does it helps the guests cut loose in a theme based party but also create a chirpy atmosphere.

There are many baby shower themes that one can choose in order to impress the visitors. It's time now to think beyond the same age old blue theme for a boy and a pink for the girl! You need to dare to give your party a different look, something which ensures that the guests leave the baby shower party enthralled and enchanted!


Some of the most common themes are the Frog Themed baby shower which is an excellent choice. Today, the retailers offer a wide range of shower tableware and accessories with a Froggy theme. One can sumptuous cuisine based on the Froggy theme as when it comes to the Froggy themed baby shower parties, it is natural to think green. You can win the heart of the guests by serving delicious cucumber lily pad appetizers and some peanut butter stuffed celery sticks with raisins. The most special gift one can gift the expecting mother on this occasion is diaper which she'll need frequently.

Another exciting Baby Shower party theme can be the train based parties. As we all know Thomas the train has made many-a-boy dream about being a train conductor, the train theme can just be the theme which can enlighten the whole atmosphere. You can get an amazing range of amazing train themed tableware that is the perfect choice for the baby shower parties. You can also show your creativity by setting up a real toy train which will go serving around the buffet table.

Old McDonald or Farm Themed baby shower parties are the talk of the hour as they are super cute among the boys. You can always incorporate all the barnyard animals such as pigs, cows, and chicken into the party through tableware, cake and party favors. This theme is not only just a pleasant theme but it also helps in connecting the people.

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