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The fact that we celebrate it on a different day every year doesn't help at all, but as soon as Father's day has passed (the 19th of March) we all know that Mother's day is nearly here, as it is celebrated the second Sunday of May.

The origins of the Day is definitely pagan and the first year in which people celebrated it was the 1914 with the American Mother's Day, celebration that was created to make people reflect upon World War I, and since then has spread all over the world, with different celebration's days. In Italy the first Mother's day was in 1957 in Assisi and since then, traditionally, it is celebrated all over the peninsula, on the second Sunday of May.

Mother's day is a popular celebration and right its popular feature make it special and rich in meaning for sons and mothers, who have always been the main pillar of society; since school- time children are taught that on the occasion they have to celebrate their mothers and make a present to them, usually a special hand-made present that can transmit the love children have for their mothers, like paper- flowers, drawings and poems.


Even when children grow older their favorite presents are still some gadgets with engravings and dedications, but adolescent prefer to buy something more refined and complicate, in specialized shops or in the ones that sell hand-made articles; necklaces personalized with names and dedications, ceramic pictures and famous quotations dedicated to mothers, or, for the more modern mothers , children can even consider technological presents like usb keys and e-books, that you can easily find, searching on the web; some are already available now in mother's-limited editions.

For the child that want to buy a personal gadget for their mother the web is certainly the primary source of inspiration; obviously you have to select and try to find the kind of present that seems to be more appropriate to your mother. An housekeeper mum will be surely pleased with a present that can help her in every- day housework, like kitchen-robot, a cookbook or even a cd, for her relax moments; if on the other hand your mum is an active type that cares about the figure, a subscription to a gym, a swimming pool or to some pilates course – really fashionable now- will be surely appreciated.

If you want to take advantage of the occasion to give to both your parents a short holiday, an off-site week- end evasion could be the most appropriate solution as it requires just a few days but at the same time it is still useful to wash the stress away; the budget doesn't necessarily to be high, indeed surfing the Net you can easily find all-inclusive packets by the main online purchase groups or temporary offers by the big flight companies, making a good impression with a relatively low budget.

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