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Internet has become very necessary nowadays and it has also become an indispensible tool for so many online moms to resolve all their problems and get information or advices with the help of number of websites.

With so many websites on World Wide Web it becomes difficult to navigate them and the right one for our actual purpose. To solve this problem for moms, we are listing down the most essential websites for all modern moms to help them to take care of everything from planning and parenting to food and fashion.

1] Divine Caroline: This website is easy to navigate and is full of important information for moms including stories related to different topics. It also has beauty tips and other tips for modern moms. Everything is available on this site.

2] Epicurious: It is one of the best sites when it comes to cooking and food websites on the web. From this website, mom can gather lots of recipes in their personal recipe box, print card-size or full pages versions of your favorites, search by ingredients, and much more.

3] Cozi: It is an online family manager which helps in tracking the weekly calendar, keep and update shopping lists, you can send information to your husbands and caretakers, and even more. It is very easy to use and also interfaces with your iPhone so that you can access information while you are on the go.

4] GoCityKids: It is for all those busy parents who need help to navigate the city in which they live to find places for birthday parties, after school activities, day camps and many more helpful resources for parents.

5] Kaboose: Kaboose is full of kid-friendly activities and information for parents having kids from new born to teenagers. It has entertaining items and solid tips and topical issues. Its most lovable part is its craft section which offers clip art, coloring pages, and projects available for every age.

6] Pandora: This site is especially for music purpose. This website allows you to create up to hundred personalized music stations so that you can hear your favorite music whenever you want to.

7] Amazon: Amazon is a website where you get everything and there is nothing that Amazon doesn't sell. It is easy to use and competitively priced where we can go for birthday gifts, Kitchen gear, sports gear, books, and almost everything else.

8] Old Navy: It offers some great style at great prices for moms, for babies, toddlers, teens, and the men in our lives. Old Navy is a must whether we are shopping for summer things or back-to-school fashions.

9] Parents Connect: On this playful site you are bound to find something of interest like information on pregnancy, kids from babies to teens, family travel and more like recipes, games, coupons and almost every other thing under the sun.

10] Oriental Trading: If you have ever hosted a kid's party than you would probably know about Oriental Trading which is the go-to site for inexpensive favors, crafts, and other festive goodies.

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