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After marriage most couples have the dream of getting a child but all of their dreams do not come true. There are many such couples across the globe who in spite of having the wish of having a baby is unable to become parents. On the other hand, there are also many children who in spite of being born to couples are unable to remain with them. Many of their parents die or leave them and they become an orphan. Hence, adoption is a very good process of giving childless parents a kid and parentless children their parent. In China there are many agencies that help this adoption process to take place. However, there are many criteria that need to be fulfilled before a couple can adopt a child from China adoption agencies.

Age of married couples:

While adopting a child from China, the legal requirement is that the couple should be attached by a legal relation of marriage. If they are living-in or are in relation with legal marriage then they would not be able to adopt the child. Moreover, there are certain other China adoption requirements relating to the age of the couple. The couple's age needs to be minimum 30 years and maximum 55 years. Now when they are between the ages of 30 years to 44 years then they are eligible for adopting babies of 6 months to 18 months. A child of maximum three years and minimum eighteen months can be adopted by couples of ages between 45 years to 50 years. If couples aged above 50 years but less than 55 years can adopt only through Waiting Child Program.

History of good health:

It is important that the couple willing to adopt a child from China must have good medical history. They must not have been ill with serious diseases and should not have been on medication for depression, anxiety, etc. Moreover, a couple, of whom one had been alcoholic during the recent past of ten years, is also not eligible for child adoption from China adoption agencies. Couples with disability because of missing limb or who needs wheel chair or other mobility support for movement, are also not eligible for adopting a Chinese child. However, an exception to this disability criterion is that those with disabilities like deaf, etc can adopt child having similar disability with deaf, etc.

Financially stable couple:

Financial stability of the adopting couple needs to be there. They must be having a good income and it is one of the major China adoption requirements. The combined net income of the couple must be a minimum of thirty thousand USD a year. There are many more requirements but these were the most important for adopting a child from China.

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