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Research shows that child depression can be greatly elevated through simple physical activities, including a walk in the park.

Are you fond of parks? If no, then get used to the park stroll. Research shows that child depression can be greatly be reduced through playground activity (with the outdoor playground equipment or commercial playground equipment) and even a simple walk in the park. This post will help you learn how parks and playground recreation can help reduce stress in children.

I Don't Think My Child is Depressed:

“How can a child be depressed; what he's got to be depressed about?” Some parents fail to acknowledge the fact that their children might feel depressed too. Ongoing academic pressure and lack of structured and unstructured physical activity can cause child depression that sometimes translates into aggression and violence in school. So, do not neglect your child's depression and take proper measures to reduce it.

How can parks and playgrounds help?

It is a well-documented fact that nature has the power to heal even the deepest emotional scars. A simple walk in the park can do wonders for your child. Playgrounds and parks allow your child to let their mind ride free while they develop strong cognitive functions and enhanced physical health. Research shows that children who spent around 20-30 minutes in an open area are more mentally active than the others. Physical activity, enhances mood and allows children to shed the every school stress.

Research also shows that children who actively participate in physical activities are less sensitive every day disruptions and are well equipped to handle conflict.

My child hates parks, what should I do?

It is very common for children to hate parks; most children have a deep admiration and love for gaming devices that keep them engaged all day long. It can be challenging to drag your child away from the digital games, but a little effort can greatly impact their future. Engage your kids through active, fun-oriented games that do not bore them. Children love activities that involve fun. So, engage them with something interesting and they will come running outside.

Children need recreational activities to get things off their mind and parks and playgrounds are a great way to let them refreash their minds.

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