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Whether you are a same sex couple, a single woman or among thousands of married women who would want to have a baby but the circumstances do not allow them to become pregnant naturally, there are more ways to fulfill the desire of having a baby than adoption. Women, who are single, are in same sex relationships or have infertile male partners are particularly benefiting from sperm donation.

Though, there are a lot of ways to find a sperm donor such as through advertisements or personal family or friends, the most beneficial and secure way would be to consult sperm banks. Working with a sperm bank to find a donor will have numerous benefits including:

Collection and testing of donor information

Being a professional, all the sperm banks make sure to regularly test every donor for the number of sexually transmitted diseases, genetic diseases and chromosomal diseases. They also make sure to acquire a thorough medical history from the donor that includes the health issues of their immediate and extended family for at least 3 generations. In order to increase the safety of the sperm for use during artificial insemination, the sperm is quarantined for a few months before it is being released for the purchase.

No Legal Rights for donors

Another major benefit of purchasing sperm from a reputed bank is that the donor does not get any legal right over your child, whereas if you have decided to choose a private donor, the person might ask for custody or visitation rights to their offspring.

How to find a reputed sperm bank?

Before, it was difficult for people to choose the best one from various sperm donors, and hence, they used to choose personal donors among relatives and friends but the globalization of the internet has made the whole process of searching for a sperm donor much easier. The majority of banks today have websites that allow them to find the best one near their vicinity.

Being a responsible individual, it is important for you to ensure that the bank you have chosen is reputed and recognized so that you can find a healthy donor and conceive a healthy baby. Since, finding a donor is more than just selecting the best face out of a catalog or online, it is important you take necessary precautions and keep all the necessary requirements in mind before finalizing a bank for getting sperms.

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