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A baby shower is a delightful event and a wonderful celebration of new life and family. Choosing the perfect baby shower present can be a fun experience. Opt for practical gifts such as diaper bags that the mom-to-be will need. Here are some ideas for baby shower gifts that will help you make your choice.

Diaper Bags
Diapers bags are parenting accessories every mom and dad should have. They are perfect for carrying diapers, clothes and bottles on trips to the park or to the mall. There are so many styles to choose from like the functional messenger diaper bag or the stylish tote diaper bag or a backpack-style diaper bag for a hands-on dad.

Gift diaper bags with lots of space as they are used to store diapers, a change of clothes for baby and bottles. Easy access pockets to keep mom's phone and wallet are practical features in a diaper bag. Make sure the bag has adjustable straps with shoulder pads so it's comfortable to carry around.

Diaper bags with built-in changing pads are practical and useful as mom can change baby even when on the move. Opt for bags with practical features such as straps that can be used to attach the bag to a stroller. Features such as side pockets for bottles and detachable wipes case will be helpful to the new mother.

Books are a wonderful gift for the baby shower. You can choose from baby food recipe books or personalized baby books that tell an adorable story of baby's adventures.

Cookbooks with recipes for baby food will be especially helpful when baby is ready to move to solid foods. A set of baby food containers will be a thoughtful accompaniment to the cookbook.

Babies love to be read to and it can help to calm them down at bedtime. Choose baby books with colorful illustrations and simple rhymes that parents can read aloud to baby.

You can even gift a scrapbook along with scrapbooking supplies to the parents. They can preserve all their precious memories in these special baby books. It would help if you include simple instructions on how to build the scrapbook and how to pick photos and other items for the scrapbook.

Choose thoughtful and practical gifts for baby and mom.

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