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There's one thing that's common among all parents – worrying! If you have a child then you're used to constantly thinking about them and most likely you get easily concerned.

It's a part of parenthood that we almost all go through. I can remember being a kid and thinking that my parents would worry too much and were sometimes irrational. Now that I'm in their shoes I can understand where they were coming from!

Parenting and raising children is a fantastic experience. It's definitely the most rewarding thing that I've ever done and seeing my child smile is an amazing feeling.

However there's no denying that I'm still a worrier! I want to know that they're safe and making the right decisions. I believe I've done a good job in raising them however I also know that they are going to face pressures and moments in their lives where they might not make the best decision.

There are two tools that I've found to be fantastic tools to help me monitor my children.


The first is computer monitoring software. This lets me keep track of what they're doing online and what they're using the computer for. The internet is such a great resource for children, however it also brings temptations and dangers. We've all heard of children meeting the wrong people online and there are plenty of websites that we would rather they not visit!

Computer monitoring software allows me to see what websites they are visiting and what they're doing when they're online. This way I can see any warnings signs and address them if needed.

The software is incredibly easy to use. You can have it installed within minutes and all the computer's activity will be recorded for you to see without your child knowing that the program is installed.

The next monitoring software I use is cell phone monitoring software. Cell phone monitoring programs give you a way to see what your child is doing on their phone. It's very similiar to computer monitoring software but obviously works by tracking their phone usage.

Probably the best tool is the text message tracking which will show you any text from their phone. You can see who they are talking to and of course what they are saying. This can help you find out if they're hanging out with the right crowd and gives you insight into if they are involved with drugs or any other activity you wouldn't approve of.

Both of these programs can be fantastic tools for parents to make use of. We love our children and want to make sure they're safe obviously!

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