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Planning a family in any era is a challenge. Every couple wishes to start with a family after a particular period of being together. Unfortunately, there lay some issues relating to family planning decisions especially medical issues. There are a lot of evidences which show how medical sciences have attained several breakthroughs. An illuminating example would be sperm donation. Low sperm count often acts as a barrier in way of having a child. The statistics of infertile couples in the world would be approximately 10-12%, according to independent researches. But today this problem can be rectified and of course there is a solution. All thanks to sperm donation.

The process of sperm donation basically implies the provision of sperms by a sperm donor with the intention of enabling a woman to conceive. If a donation clinic is required, one can either approach a fertility clinic or go for home donation. The difference is that fertility clinic store sperms in bulk while in home donation, the sperm donor is put into contract through classified avert or a forum. Infertility in couples has a great deal of emotionality. Psychologically, many couples become upset and can even lead to major depressions. But sperm donation is a boon for such couples as they get a ray of hope that they can start a family.


Sperm donation is an ideal way by which infertility can be solved. Some light needs to be thrown on the facts of sperm donation:

  • Sperm banks are found throughout the world.
  • Payment can be obtained for sperm donation.
  • Evaluation of medical history of the donor is carried out.
  • Secure storage of sperms is ensured.

No donor becomes liable for the baby born through his sperms. The misconception of poor sperm quality is eliminated. Arguments still prevail on how far this technique is favorable. From the child's point of view, there is strong support that the child has the inherent right to see the biological parents. Sperm donation does not imply commitment to fatherhood and as such the direct link of the sperm donor may affect the family and up bringing of the child. Therefore there should be anonymity of biological relationships through sperm donation. There is certain policy problems associated with sperm donation.

Sperm donation has come forward to solve this problem of millions of couples so that they can enjoy the experience of being parents. Therefore this solution which respects the rights, health and needs of those involved is necessary.

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