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Life of a single mother undoubtedly involves high levels of stress. According to recent survey, 26% of the children in United States who are less than 21 years of age are raised by single parents. A single mother is solely responsible for meeting all the demands of her family. Going to work, rushing home to supervise kids, and finding ways to meet the rising expenditures altogether poses many a challenges in their way. Difficulties with finances are ofcourse an integral part of daily life.

A single mother goes through tough time to meet the parenting needs. The inadequacy of funds to meet the household or any other family expenditure only adds to the adversities. Thankfully, Government is aware of their plight. There are various measures of help offered by Federal and State Governments that such mothers can take advantage of.

There are many ways in which help from government can be availed. There are many mothers who are bothered by circumstances and eventually end up quitting their studies. Their need to settle down for a low-paying job keeps them from chasing their career dreams. They can surely benefit from educational grants offered by schools and universities. Outstanding single mothers can also benefit from the scholarships available.

There are many other ways in which Government Grants for Single Mothers can be availed. There are many single mothers who are not able to meet the daycare expenses and are not able to work fulltime. Such single mothers can benefit from the daycare grants offered by government. These grants help single mothers pursue a full time job and earn a decent livelihood for the family.

Stable Housing for Single Mothers is a big problem in itself. However, there are plenty of programs that can be benefited from to make it easier. House Choice Vouchers can be availed by needy single mothers. The other programs offered by Public Housing Agency are very useful too. There are many options to provide families of single mothers with stable shelter. However, the availability of these programs in a particular state needs to be checked.

Many types of Loans for Single Mothers are provided by various government organizations. The amount provided by these loans can be used by single moms for a variety of productive purposes. Programs like Microloan offers disadvantaged small business owners the needful help and can be availed by single mothers as well. By availing these loans, single mothers get an opportunity to be financially independent and seek a decent income for the family.

In order to locate a scholarship program or provision of free money for single moms in any form, one should look at career development centers or county office of social services too. It is imperative to invest some time in looking for the suitable options around as seeking the right program can take away the untoward distress from the lives of single mothers.

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