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Normally, infants and little kids are known to learn from the activities of their parents and it has been found that different styles of parenting will have an impact on the behavior of children in many ways. Experts, who have done parenting assessment Southampton, say that there are four different styles of growing kids and each one of these styles will have their impact on the growth of children. The four styles are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved parenting.

Parents following authoritative style accept their kid and they will be showing their affection to the child frequently. They listen to the views expressed by their kid and they will be making their child to follow strict discipline and explain a point to their little kid by way of explaining the reason, rather than by way of force.

Those following second style called as authoritarian parenting will not only show warmth to their kid, but will also reject him/her as and when needed. These people will be setting high-standards of behavior and they will force the kid to strictly follow obedience. They do not listen to the point of view of the child and they make use of harsh and punitive disciplinary measures.

Permissive parenting is a method where they will show their high acceptance and affection to the children. They do not demand anything from the child with respect to his/her behavior and they also employ reason and do not force the children and will also slowly listen the points expressed by the child.

Uninvolved as the name implies denotes parents, who are emotionally detached from their children. They are also undemanding and do not show either affection or harshness to the kids.

Different people follow different approaches to their kids and some parents will follow all four approaches as well, while some of them will be following one approach in a situation and another approach in another situation.

Parenting is a great skill and sometimes some people of Southampton, wish to become foster parents in such a way that they can offer some sort of help to a child, who is away from his original parents or guardian for one reason or another. These people will have to seek the help of a foster care agency for finding an appropriate child to grow. But, these foster caring agencies will not be offering a child immediately to the people contacting them. Rather, they will be conducting parenting assessment Southampton for making sure whether the person contacting them will be in a position to take care of a child.

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