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Our children get easily inspired by the heroes they see in movies. They want to be like Spiderman, Batman, Superman and other comic strip heroes for whom nothing is impossible. Parenting children does not only mean bringing up your child with a lot of love and care and the best of options you can provide. It also means ensuring healthy child development with good values, habits and character.

Every child can be a hero

Tell your child that even he can be a hero too, but before being so, he must know what exactly a hero is or does. In fact, help your child know and understand the difference between a comic strip hero and a true life hero.

While comic strip heroes can do all kinds of incredible acts because they are fantasy, a true life hero courageously does what actually affects real life people positively. In simple terms, a hero is one who is always helping others, is compassionate towards one and all, and is courteous, polite and proactive.

All children have heroic qualities in them. All that they need to do is manifest them with courage and conviction.

A Hero is helpful

A hero is just an ordinary person like all of us but she does extra-ordinary things that make her unique. A hero is the one who is above selfishness and goes out of the way to help others in need. And the best way to teach your child about helpfulness is not by just lecturing but by doing such things yourself.

For every parent, children are the source of the most joy. Similarly, for every child, parents are role models. Before starting to teach values to your child, make sure you practice the same. Involve your child in your volunteer work, while giving food to the poor, helping your neighbors and friends, taking care of pets and animals and meeting up with friends and relatives. When they see you interact with others in a positive, helpful and inspiring way, your children, too, will emulate you. Making your kids participate in your activities with you will also help you build a strong and loving parent child relationship.


Encourage your child to help his friends, help an elderly neighbor mow his lawn, help a new classmate in homework, take his grandma for a morning walk and donate to charity. A hero not only helps others but also works hard to achieve his goals and helps himself as well.

A Hero is a kind soul

Tell your child that a hero is a compassionate person who treats everyone with respect in spite of what their race, creed or religion is. Teach your child to treat everyone with respect and dignity and be compassionate toward animals as well.

Encourage your child to take some responsibilities in taking care of your pet. You can ask your son to take your dog out for a walk, or ask your daughter to give your cat a bath or feed your pet. This will encourage intimacy and closeness between your children and animals be it your own pet or your neighbor's pet.

A Hero is an honest person

It is not unusual for children to lie, either because they are afraid of punishment or they don't want to disappoint their parents. So, as parents, it becomes your responsibility to create a safe and loving environment at home so that even if a child makes mistakes, she can admit it honestly without the fear of being reprimanded or punished harshly.

If you know your child has committed a mistake don't shame him further by calling him a liar. This will make your child defensive. Rather tell him gently that you disapprove of his behavior and would appreciate it if he tells the truth. And above all else, practice honesty yourself. Pay attention to your own behavior and practice what you preach.

A hero is a kind and honest person who works hard and helps others. Help your children understand that they too can become a hero just like their favorite comic strip hero by being of help to others with courage. Read books to your children that tell stories about real heroes who overcome challenges. Motivational videos

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