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This bully-busting guide is to prepare parents as millions of children with their new sneakers, jeans and backpacks go back to school. This is to help parents prevent their kids being bullied and help them to deal with and support their children if a bullying situation does come up at school.

Step 1: Get Smart

Many parents can remember what it is like to be bullied or have certainly witnessed others being bullied. What parents usually do not know is the full picture, how the bullying began, who is involved and the how the social scene in their kid's school works. To begin creating strategies so that children can go to school and feel safe; these two books on bullying will really help.

“The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander” by Barbara Caloroso,

“Bullyproof Your Child For Life: Protect Your Child for Good” by Joel Haber

Step 2: Empower and Educate Your Kids

It is imperative that parents help their children to feel empowered; encouraging them to self-advocate by reporting the bullies is a great way to do that. If kids see or experience bullying they often feel that they cannot talk about it and feel fearful and full of shame. These books are good for children any age to help them cope and to identify bullying.

High School Readers- if your child has experienced cyber bullying this book with help children and parents understand the issues involved on this difficult topic. “The Truth about Truman School” by Dori Hillestad and Butler

Middle School Readers-this book will help enable students to self-advocate if they experience bullying. “Stick Up for Yourself” by Gershen and Kaufman

Elementary School Readers-this is great book for looking at all the angles of those involved in bullying, “The target, the spectator, and the bully” By Caroline Pignat

Picture Books- this is a great to get small children to understand basic issues with bullying. Ross, Tony, “Is it because?” by Tony Ross.

To find more books for children about bullying visit:

Step 3: Know How to Get More Help

Many states are trying to deal with bulling in their public schools as it is such a national issue. Free resources are available at Simplisafe wireless home security company, just go to them for ideas and help to find ways to stop the bullying.

Another organization – Bully Stoppers, helps people to report bullying anonymously to their school and is free and safe.

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program – is a great national organization that was set up to curb bullying and helps parents to create bully prevention through advocating with their kids school.

The official government anti-bullying website is also useful.

An organization that works with people who work in education, Highmark Healthy High 5, helps both educators and parents to enable kids to speak out both at home and in the community.

Whatever issues that you and your kids have with bullying in school there are books, organizations and individuals who really can make a difference.

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